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Афилиейт програма Allegro

Promote the largest auction site in Poland! Commission: Sales

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Описание на афилиейт програма: Allegro

Initially meant to be an auction site for hobbyists, Allegro has become the largest Polish retail platform at the moment. It came into existence in 1999 as a bidding website but later expanded its operations and morphed into an e-commerce giant. In fact, it’s currently among the 10 largest online retail websites, welcoming well over 190 million visitors every month. Here’s your chance to join in on the company’s success by signing up for the Allegro Affiliate Program. Reap amazing rewards and hefty commission rates with the ever-expanding Allegro Affiliate Network!

The starting point when looking for a source is always a single transaction.
Each transaction must have a source.
The transaction should have only one source.
The model is based on time and the category of visit and purchase. This means that we do not only consider the visit in which the transaction took place, but we are looking for a source compliant with the purchase category (at level 2 in the Allegro category tree structure) within 24 hours of the transaction.
Attribution is subject to individual offers that go to the basket - we do not make the whole shopping carts, we only consider purchases of individual offers separately. Within one basket each offer can be assigned a different source of transactions. Transactions are counted when you click the "buy and pay" button in the transaction process, regardless of whether the purchase is made by the basket or in the "buy now" option and regardless of whether the payment has been made in advance or in arrears.

Условия за промотиране на програма

Brand-Bidding is strictly forbidden!

Prohibited traffic types:

Contextual ads
Brand bidding
Traffic by API

The following categories are excluded from affiliation:
Real estate
Other vehicles and boats
Motorcycles and laps
Antiques and Art
Drugs and dermocosmetic
Dietary supplements and conditioners

Категория: Мода , Облекло , Обувки , Аксесоари и допълнения , Аксесоари , Бижутерия , Подаръци , Здраве и красота , Козметика , Дом и градина , За деца , Мебели , Стоки за бита , Животни , Домашен декор , Градина , Строителство , Битова техника и електроника , Компютърна техника , Телефони и аксесоари , Аудио и видео , Битова техника , Спорт и хоби
Последна актуализация: 2021-06-15 20:34:10
Тип на устройство: Мобилни устройства , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Работен плот , Mac , Windows
Тип на трафик: Забранен мотивиран трафик
EPC : 2.4 PLN
Тип на конверсия: Продажба
CR : 2 %
Deeplink: Да
Банери Да