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Афилиейт програма Chicco - UA

Promote the new affiliate program of the Chicco online store Commission: Sale

Ставка 3,20% - 5,60%

Описание на афилиейт програма: Chicco - UA

Chicco is an established brand that boasts a wide collection of all baby-related products. Whether it’s maternity clothing, baby and mommy skincare, strollers, or toys, Chicco has nearly every aspect of motherhood covered! They’ve been in business for more than 60 years now and operate in 120 different countries across the globe! Here’s your chance to join their success journey and earn some good profits for yourself by becoming a Chicco Affiliate today! Promote their extensive line of baby and mommy products and get in on the action!

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In case of partial or full redemption of goods with bonuses, rewards will be accrued from the actual amount paid by the buyer.

Условия за промотиране на програма

- Contextual advertising
- Keywords
- Incentive traffic
- Typos
- Doorways
- Adult traffic
- Toolbar
- API traffic
- Mailing

Категория: Мода , Облекло , Обувки , Дом и градина , За деца , Мебели , Домашен декор
Последна актуализация: 2021-06-21 03:34:55
Тип на устройство: Мобилни устройства , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Работен плот , Mac , Windows
Тип на трафик: Забранен мотивиран трафик
EPC : 17.13 PLN
Тип на конверсия: Продажба
CR : 1.72 %
Deeplink: Да
Банери Не