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Афилиейт програма Synergy MBA RU CPS

Ставка 24,00%

Описание на афилиейт програма: Synergy MBA RU CPS

BENEFITS OF THE OFFER High royalty on sales - 30%. Course sales - 35 000 rubles. High average bill of 35,000 rubles. The average time from click to sale - 1-3 days Payment from each sale A wide target audience Large selection of ready-to-use creative materials The ability to pay for training in installments The large active sales team Calling sales of all who were at a webinar / has not paid the order / registered A well-known brand with a long history Bot auto call and SMS distribution Over 100 students SALES TALK The client enters the website. The customer gets acquainted with the program.    Two variants of sales:  - For individuals ( payment by card or phone) - For legal persons ( payment through an account)   Payment options: - The client can buy directly from the landing, clicks buy and leaves data and he is redirected to the page of payment by card or phone. - The client can pay for the program from the account of the legal person LLC. The client clicks pay for the legal person and enter the data, after that the manager contacts him, takes the details of his company, and draws up an account for the payment. - The client can buy in installments without interest. The client leaves an application, the manager gets in touch with him, fills out an application from a partner bank, gets approval, signs the paper in the nearest branch of SDEK, gets the status of paid. The option is now going very well. THE TARGET AUDIENCE 25 to 55 Male 50/50% Interests: Small business, Medium business, CEO, Entrepreneurship, Small business owners, Employer, Business Owner, Small Business owner, Managing Director, Executive director, Director general, Owner, Manager, CEO, Founder, Owner, Director, founder, director, Own Business, Founder, Business owner, General Director, Engineer, Founder AUDITORS: all business communities: transformer, Ayaz Shabutdinov center, Forbes, Atlantis, executive.ru, club 500, YPO and all entrepreneurial groups and communities, MY BUSINESS, MY ENVIRONMENT, and many others Top paid cities in descending order: Moscow Saint Petersburg Samara Krasnodar Yekaterinburg Novosibirsk Chelyabinsk Kazan Kiev Odessa Tyumen Khabarovsk Riga Volgograd Worldwide according to the Russian-speaking audience: - TURKEY, LATVIA, Germany have been very well received. - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, UAE, Latvia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Israel, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, USA. ABOUT THE EXPERT/SCHOOL Organizer 7 AMBA international accreditations 47,000 successful graduates 495 programs for personal and business development Founded in 1988, Synergy Business School is the first business school in Russia and the CIS. The school offers MBA and professional re-training programs, seminars, and training by the leading Russian and world experts. The quality of education at the School of Business has been acknowledged by seven prestigious accreditations of the International Association AMBA. Synergy Business School has branches abroad: in New York, London, and Dubai, where the Executive Education programs are taught in English. SYNERGY SMART MBA program "INTENSIVE FOR MANAGERS" Synergy Smart MBA is business management intensive for entrepreneurs and executives. For 3 months you will receive structured content from world-class speakers. Headliners of the program: Brian Tracy, Philip Kotler, Igor Krutoy, Maxim Batyrev. 12 modules, online format, communication with speakers, and independent assignments Program topics: strategy, marketing, sales, management, team, scaling, negotiation, motivation.   PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS   1. Video 2. Banners 3. Mailing list, new ones will be added:   https://viewstripo.email/567be610-3a50-4d8b-84cb-dad6b60f24221625643134657 https://viewstripo.email/dc41b4d4-0761-4ea9-ab0b-e37daf94d5c31625643259124 https://viewstripo.email/40e10803-ff7a-4bee-8802-ad5df504e92e1625643267124   4. Video invitations from the speakers to the program, new ones will be added: https://yadi.sk/i/v1SaowzlcNU1gg https://disk.yandex.ru/i/_Z-chb_LqMoFyA https://disk.yandex.ru/d/uxTbhrOpSc-aeA/disk.yandex.ru/d/uxTbhrOpSc-ae https://disk.yandex.ru/d/t_uWhZez-CYxHg

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