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Афилиейт програма Westwing CPS RU

Ставка 2,56% - 8,00%

Описание на афилиейт програма: Westwing CPS RU

Westwing is the first interior and design shopping club in Russia. Westwing offers furniture and home goods from famous brands and European designers. Every day promotions are launched with an assortment of up to 4000 products with discounts up to -70%. Westwing is a shopping club that takes care of its customers' homes. We have created a website where every design enthusiast can find unique interior items at discounts of up to 70%. After a quick registration, the customer gets access to the club's special offers and promotions, which are updated every day. The site features recognized brands with a worldwide reputation and new interesting brands that deserve attention. Westwing is an interior design magazine where you can shop. Our goal is to inspire people, to give them good mood and creative ideas. That's why every member will find here tips on how to decorate and decorate their home in any style, and the online magazine will tell inspiring stories and clearly show you how to make your home beautiful and cozy! Customer benefits:         Free registration Low Price Guarantee Daily assortment updatesCompanies from famous brands Interesting content on the site Inspiring articles in Westwing magazine Buyer payment protection Different ways to pay for your order. Benefits for webmasters:          High average check of 7,000 rubles Export of goods Wide range of advertising materials Opportunity to discuss individual remuneration. Address of the site: Westwing.ru, shop.westwing.ru Geo: RF Stop words by context (brand variants)   Is installment payment possible? How will partner remuneration be calculated in this case?         Yes. Remuneration is calculated immediately and in full after delivery.   Average check: 8000   Conditions for status transfer to the partners (e.g. the order has been paid or delivered): The order has been delivered   Cookie retention period (the length of time the user is linked to the last partner brought in): 30 days   Is it possible to provide personalized promotional codes for top webmasters? yes, in agreement   Is it possible to provide exclusive conditions for top webmasters?         yes, subject to agreement   Special conditions which must be kept while creating test orders  [email protected] site - must be in email          Target audience: %     Men: 5     Women: 95%              Age: %     18-24: 0     25-34: 10     35-44: 70     Others: 20    

Условия за промотиране на програма

Dozwolony typ ruchu: Paid Search: Nie, Banners: Tak, AdSpot/RichMedia/Sli­ding: Tak, E-mail: Tak, Social Networks: Tak, Price-Comparison: Tak, Coupon/Promo Codes: Tak, Cashback: Tak, Teaser advertisements: Nie, Clickunder/Popunder: Nie, Doorways: Nie, Content Sites: Tak, Incentive: Nie, Messenger/SMS: Tak, Toolbar: Nie, Youtube: Tak, Adult: Nie, Autoredirect: Tak, Branded context ads: Nie, Retargeting: Tak, Pop-up: Nie, Mobile traffic in mobile version: Tak

Категория: Друга
Последна актуализация: 2022-07-11 23:18:26
Тип на устройство: Неопределен
Тип на трафик: Забранен мотивиран трафик
EPC : b/d
Тип на конверсия: Неопределена
CR : 1.95 %
Deeplink: Да
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