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Affiliate program Lineage 2 Essence [CPP Innova] Many GEOs

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Popis Affiliate Programu: Lineage 2 Essence [CPP Innova] Many GEOs

Already played Lineage 2, but something went wrong? New servers are a great chance to start your story from scratch! You can choose from 6 familiar races or join the newcomers with guns — Sylphs! LINEAGE 2 ESSENCE — IS A NEW VERSION OF THE LEGENDARY MMORPG Comfortable setting for leveling up Classes self-dependence for playing solo Dimensional zones for PvP and monster hunting New unique classes and race FEATURES Freedom of Choice - Play any class you like even without a party: every character has their own renewed buffs! Even healers have powerful attack skills and can level up on par with others. Easy Leveling-up Level up easily with XP boosters and the Magic Lamp bonus. Also, a special auto-hunting system is available. If you turn it on, your character will kill monsters, pick up loot and use HP potions autonomously. Dimensional Battles - Show your skills in the dimensional 3 vs 3 Olympiad or fight for rare materials in special instance zones against the most ambitious players from other servers! More Races and Classes - Try something new! Only in Essence a unique Death Knight class is available. Also, there is a new race of Sylphs equipped with firearms. Regular Updates - The latest update is the Frost Lord's Castle. Emerge victorious against new bosses and get all 13 types of unique frozen weapons. VANGUARD UPDATE IS LIVE! New locations and quests, dungeons and hunting zones, new monsters and the boss Lord Balok and, of course, the new Vanguard Knight class and much more await brave warriors with the release of the Vanguard update. Starting from March 2, players will be able to test their skills in new locations and hunting zones, as well as challenge formidable monsters in dungeons and instanced zones, and feel the full power of the Vanguard Knight class. Update features New class. The new class Vanguard knight represents strength and power. Only the most courageous men of the orc tribe can ride wild wolves and lions. The rider and his beast are one. Rush into battle and use your beast to the maximum: claw, scare with a monstrous growl and become a nightmare for your enemies. Class features: Wields a spear and claws of a wild beast Wears heavy armor, cannot carry a shield Special appearance. With the "Change Armor" skill, you can change the original armor Rebalanced classes: Together with new interesting game content, the update will bring to the game a rebalance of the classes of archers, summoners and mages, which will unlock new skills for each of them. It will allow you to use your character as efficiently as possible. If you want to try a different class, will have that ability and change their class up to three times a month. Changing Class Coupons are sold at the L store. New dungeons and enemies. In addition to the new class, the Vanguard global update will add two new dungeons to the game - the Training Dungeon and the Dreaming Dungeon. In the Training Dungeon, you can spar with an enemy of your choice, and in the Dream Dungeon, you can fight two dangerous bosses and maybe even get to a secret level. The update will also introduce the group boss Lord Balok and a new location, the land of Goddard, where the most experienced travelers can go to conquer the Hot Springs, Gorda Gorge, Morgos Military Base and Faunos Stronghold zones. Check out main promotional videos here! Negative Keyword list can be found here!

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