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Affiliate program MB|||Hard KPI_Ciceksepeti_Android_TR_CPI|CPI|M2072

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Popis Affiliate Programu: MB|||Hard KPI_Ciceksepeti_Android_TR_CPI|CPI|M2072

KPIs: HARD KPI: click to install rate = 1% As an install to transaction rate, we can say around 3-4%. Our key KPI is CAC, cost of acquiring a customer. Our formula: (Cost - Gross Profit) / Number of first orders it should be 30$ All installs flagged on Intercept won't be paid Restrictions: No incent No adult No redirection No offerwall No app discovery No popup/under No bot No customized creatives No push notifications No SMS notifications No email No social media No alcohol or drug content No rebrokering CR under 0.2% will be monitored (click spamming monitoring|) Not allowed to promote this offer in any kind of newsletter or internal market place 70% of the installs need to be within the first 2 hours after the click Search/Branded Key Terms are STRICTLY prohibited (ALWAYS in restrictions please!) - RR D7 at least 5% MAX CR is 10% All installs flagged on Intercept won't be paid - Hard KPIs for sub ids with 10 or more installs: Click injection: All installs have a CTIT less than or equal to 10 seconds are rejected. HTTI (Click Spamming): If the percentage of installs with CTIT greater than 24 hours exceeds 75% for a site then all installs from this site would be rejected. Low CVR: If the CVR for a site is less than or equal to 0.02% all installs from this site will be rejected High CVR: If the CVR for a site is greater than or equal to 15% then all installs from this site will be rejected. If the CVR for a site is greater than or equal to 5% then flag these Country Mismatch: If the country name and campaign do not match AND the device carrier associated with it is not placed as a common EMEA carrier then the installs will be rejected. (Installs that only have country name and campaign name mismatch will just be flagged) Device Carrier: If the Device Carrier is marked as suspicious on the device carrier list, then the installs are rejected.

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Kategorie: Jiné
Poslední aktualizace: 2021-12-04 05:11:26
Typ zařízení: Mobilní zařízení , Android
Typ provozu: Zakázaný motivovaný provoz
EPC : n/a
Typ konverze: Nedefinována
CR : n/a
Deeplink: Ne
Bannery Ne

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