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Affiliate programs


marketing afiliacyjny

Affiliation - Affiliate Marketing

A few words that will introduce you to the affiliation

Affiliation is based on providing affiliate programs in which the seller (advertiser) pays the publisher a commission for generated sales. In other words, you can place personalized link or banner on your advertising space, or promote it among your friends and family. In this way, you promote products and services, and for each purchase from your recommendation you receive a remuneration.

Affiliate programs can be promoted in various ways. Apart from promotion on your own website, you can use social media, mailing base, blogs, discussion forums, paid advertising tools and many more. There is no limit - you can advertise sales pages exactly as you want. That is not all, to increase sales more and more online companies are choosing affiliate marketing.

Affiliation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to earn money online. There are 3 settlement models in which you can earn money:

programy afiliacyjne cpa Model CPA
programy afiliacyjne cps Model CPS
programy afiliacyjne cpl Model CPL
programy afiliacyjne cps


Cost per sale

One of the most popular forms of affiliate settlement. You earn a percentage commission on the sale of products, usually physical ones. The CPS model is mainly used by online stores, and your rate depends on the value of the shopping basket and the amount of commission set by advertiser. Almost every major internet seller known to you, such as KFC or Decathlon, has already decided on affiliate marketing.

programy afiliacyjne cpl


Cost per lead

The branch of affiliate marketing used by companies that wish to attract customers. The commission is granted for a correctly completed contact form thanks to which the contract will be signed. CPL means “cost per acquisition” (acquisition of a client). This type of promotion is used, for example, by companies offering multimedia (television, Internet, telephone) and they provide you with affiliate programs that you can use.

In this category you will also find our proprietary SMS partner programs in which commission is granted for correctly completed fields on the sales page. To complete this kind of form correctly, the user must send a text message with an increased cost to the specific phone number and enter the code received in the reply.

Learn more about SMS programs SMS programs
programy afiliacyjne cpa


Cost per action

Affiliate programs in the CPA model require the user, for example, to fill in the form, subscribe to the newsletter, view the advertisement or perform some other action.

In this model you can also earn from global programs. MyLead offer includes several dozens partner programs intended for countries from all over the world. We have also shared our own “Wall of offers”, that is, a modernized list of tasks to be completed. Feel free to use it.

What are you waiting for?

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