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Affiliate program Bank Pekao - Konto Przekorzystne - PL

Promote the offer Bank Pekao - Konto Przekorzystne. Commission: opening a bank account.

Rate $16.91

Type CPA

Description of the Bank Pekao - Konto Przekorzystne - PL Affiliate Program

Przekorzystne account:
- get up to PLN 300!;
- PLN 0 for keeping Konto Przekorzystne Account;
- PLN 0 for debit card service.

Remuneration will be awarded for opening a personal account.

The remuneration will be awarded for setting up a personal account.

NOTE: The remuneration will be charged only for a new customer, i.e. a person who did not have any personal account with Pekao in the period from 01/07/2018 to the date of opening the account.

Terms of program promotion

- SEM;
- Facebook;
- All leads must be filled in by the data subject - it is forbidden to enter data on the forms on behalf of the interested parties by third parties;,
- All leads provided to the advertiser must be filled in on the form on the advertiser's LP - it is forbidden to place the form (or the entire page) on the affiliate's website (e.g. by iframe), it is forbidden to use the mechanisms of automatic copying and pasting data on the advertiser's form - e.g. by collecting data on own forms and copying them to the advertiser's form;
- All leads must be preceded by a deliberate click on the advertising material - it is forbidden to use poping mechanisms, cookies without clicking on the advertisement, automatic redirect;
- It is forbidden to do anything that uses directing the user indirectly to the customer's website, without clicking on the advertisement (redirecting). In particular, it is forbidden to use a domain with slightly different (misleading, misspellings) from the domains of the clients, which redirect to the client's website;
- It is forbidden to encourage users to add advertising (tracing) links to bookmarks in the browser;
- It is forbidden to hide links or advertisements in a way that could lead to unknowingly clicking by the user.
- It is forbidden to use any cable shortening mechanisms;
- Publishers are required to publish an up-to-date repository of graphic and text creations. All issues related to the presentation of the product and its features require consultation with Bank Pekao SA and its approval. Emitting content without the Bank's authorization shifts the responsibility to regulators to the publisher's website, the Bank is not responsible for it;

Violation of the above rules will result in the removal of the publisher from the program and the cancellation of remuneration from the generated shares, as well as taking appropriate legal steps.

Keyword Policy prohibits:
• Buying ads on words related to "advertiser name / advertiser site name". The prohibition applies to all mutations, variations and spelling errors that may be associated with the advertiser's brand. The final assessment of the association of the PEKAO.COM.PL/KONTO/ mark may be made by the representative of
• It is forbidden to use incorrect "advertiser name" variations in the ad text. The correct name "advertiser name" cannot be used in the ad content and in the name of the Publisher's subdomain.
• Automatic redirection to the advertiser's website from an advertisement purchased in the search engine.
• Copying content from the website and placing it under other domains, launching the advertiser's websites in frames and iframe or using another technique in a different domain.
• The rules apply to Google, Bing, Yahoo and the partner sites of the listed providers (applies to AdSense, AdWords, AdKontekst, etc. ads). • Violation of the above rules will result in the removal of the publisher from the program and the cancellation of remuneration from the generated shares and taking appropriate legal steps.

Policy on advertising materials.
- All advertising materials made available in the program are not subject to changes or partial modifications without prior authorization of Bank Pekao SA. In connection with the above, any interference in the advertising materials and content of Bank Pekao SA may result in the immediate removal of the publisher from the affiliate program and taking appropriate legal steps with notification to the relevant institutions.

Category: Business , Account , Personal account
Last update: 2023-05-30 19:09:12
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , Windows , iOS , Desktop , Mac , Windows , Linux , Tablet , iOS
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : n/a
Conversion type: Open bank account
CR : n/a
Deeplink: No
Banners Yes

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