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Affiliate program Desigual

Desigual - a Spanish clothing brand. The company's headquarters is in Barcelona, founded by Swiss businessman Thomas Meyer in 1984 in Ibiza. Commission: sale

Rate 6,15%

Type CPS

Description of the Desigual Affiliate Program

The creator of the Desigual brand was inspired by his dream to "dress people in a different way". The first product of the brand was the iconic jacket, made of various scraps of jeans, expressing a specific artistic, patchwork and ethnic style in one.
The essence of the Desigual brand is defined by its individuality and unique character of clothes, which aims to give authenticity to people wearing them, and who want to express their best version of themselves through clothes.

The brand draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean, sun, light and lust for life.

Terms of program promotion

-Brand Bidding
- Motivated traffic
-Pages 18+

Category: Clothing and accessories , Clothes , Shoes , Accessories , Jewelry , Presents
Last update: 2020-10-28 11:34:21
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Desktop , Mac , Windows
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : 79.03 PLN
Conversion type: Sell
CR : 4.53 %
Deeplink: No
Banners Yes