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Affiliate program DirectBikes - UK

Promote the new affiliate program of the DirectBikes online store Commission: Sales

Rate $50.43

Type CPA

Description of the DirectBikes - UK Affiliate Program

We deliver our scooters directly from the factory, eliminating middlemen. We also avoid glossy brochures, fancy showrooms and aggressive sellers. Since we keep our overheads low, we can pass the savings on to you.

Terms of program promotion

Showing an advertisement in the search results for the advertiser's company name and trademarks Showing ads in the advertiser's company name or trademark search results when general terms are also used. (ie brand with general conditions)
Showing an ad at the advertiser's URL
Showing an ad at the advertiser's URL or its variation

Category: Motoring , Car parts , Car accessories
Last update: 2021-09-28 19:14:03
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Desktop , Mac , Windows
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : b/d
Conversion type: Sell
CR : b/d
Deeplink: Yes
Banners No