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Affiliate program

Rate $0.01 - 1.73

Type PPI

Description of the Affiliate Program

Looking for a comprehensive, secure program for better promotion of video content? The complex mediaplayer24 video program will help you with proper promotion and customizatiuon of your clips.The program helps to promote your videos more effectively. User may configure a Landing Page and place promotional content in the clip. There is also a special adware software at the customer's disposal, which allows you to remove the ad bar.

mediaplayer24 is a program based on the entertainment and IT topical area. As part of mediaplayer24 affiliate program, you will promote the service on the global market. The billing model for the service is PPI. In return for downloading the program from a verified IP address, the advertiser receives appropriate remuneration on condition of one installation for one IP address.

Also, get to know the details of app affiliate programs. The most important information was gathered in an entry on our blog!

Terms of program promotion

Absolutny zakaz generowania wielu instalacji z jednego IP. Wszelkie instalacje przeprowadzane bezpośrednio przez wydawcę nie będą zaliczane.

Category: Entertainment , Movies & VOD
Last update: 2021-08-17 13:21:09
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Desktop , Mac , Windows
Traffic type: Incent
EPC : b/d
Conversion type: Install
CR : b/d
Deeplink: No
Banners No