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Affiliate program BIK Raport

Earn money by promoting a service that allows you to check your creditworthiness. Commission: registration and account activation

Rate $2.76 - 4.15

Type CPA

Description of the BIK Raport Affiliate Program

BIK Report - is a product aimed mainly at people who want to take a loan and check their credit history and scoring points or did not get a loan and would like to know the decline reason.

Terms of program promotion

Incentive traffic is forbidden

Category: Business , Credit , Mortgage credit , Cash credit , Business credit , Leasing
Last update: 2020-06-17 14:06:30
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Desktop , Mac , Windows
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : b/d
Conversion type: Create and activate account , Application confirm
CR : b/d
Deeplink: No
Banners Yes