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Affiliate program Star Stable

Star Stable is a wonderful virtual game in which you discover the beautiful island of Jorvik on the back of your own horse.
Commission: registration

Rate $0.71

Type CPL

Description of the affiliate program

Together with thousands of other players, you'll be at the center of exciting events and adventures, participate in races, look after your horse in your own stable, and solve the mysteries of a spectacular, original story. Create a free account and get ready for a fantastic ride!

Terms of program promotion

-PopUp / ClickUnder
-Brand bidding
- Motivated traffic
-Pages for adults

Category: Entertainment , Games , Browser games
Last update: 2019-11-13 18:34:12
Device type: Desktop , Windows
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : 21.41 PLN
Conversion type: Single Opt-In , Create and activate account
CR : 7.15 %
Deeplink: No
Banners Yes