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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

natalia.juszczak 2023-09-28 11
Email marketing offers a high ROI of 3800%. In other words, you get back $38 for every dollar you spend. Therefore, we’ve put together six email templates to help you send emails that will entice influencers to join your affiliate program.
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Jakub_Swiniarski 2023-04-03 82
Some people use different solutions to become anonymous - starting from proxy gateways, and VPNs, ending with Tor browsers. These and other methods can make you feel, at least a little bit, safer on the Internet. But isn't all this just an illusion of anonymity?
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kinga.banaskiewicz 2023-02-10 53
The IncogniTOwin! contest runs from February 6 to April 7. The contest gives our publishers a chance to compete for prizes. The best publisher wins the iPhone 14, and the remaining users receive Amazon gift cards worth $250, $150 and $100. Wanna know more?
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natalia.juszczak 2023-01-17 11
This post aims to share our experience regarding cooperation with the affiliate network Chameleon Ads (Velor Advertising Group SL), which we started in September 2021. Unfortunately, instead of the expected results, we experienced disappointment and encountered a complete lack of professionalism, which will be precisely described in this post.
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natalia.juszczak 2023-01-04 2
Each business model consists of many elements, thanks to which the operation of a given model is improved and more effective. Affiliate marketing is no different. Affiliate networks, advertisers, affiliate programs and of course affiliate publishers... But these are not all the factors that make up this branch of internet marketing.
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kinga.banaskiewicz 2022-11-10 485
Imagine a situation in which you are browsing the feed in a social app and clicking an advertising banner that takes you to the store's website, or the one when you use the news aggregation app, and after selecting interesting content, you are transferred to the page with the full article. In each of these cases, WebView was most likely used.
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kinga.banaskiewicz 2022-10-24 0
Halloween is celebrated on October 31. In pop culture, Halloween is associated with hollow pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, vampires, and other monsters. Halloween's traditions include costume parties, games, pranks, and candy gatherings. But how does this day relate to affiliate marketing?
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Jakub_Swiniarski 2022-10-03 3
Are you a successful blogger and publisher at the same time? Or maybe you are thinking about collecting a database of email addresses and then monetizing the traffic by sending a newsletter? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, we have some good news for you. In this article, you will learn how to take your blogging to the next level thanks to lead magnets and a unique tool - Content Lockers from MyLead.
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hanna.danielak 2022-03-24 241
Recently, we have noticed a few cases of scammers impersonating MyLead employees. They use platforms such as Telegram and Skype to encourage advertisers and partners to buy traffic from our affiliate network, and when they receive a deposit, they disappear.
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