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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

The Offers Page. What is it and how to set it up?

kinga.banaskiewicz 2020-11-16 3

The prelander is a very effective way to increase conversion. However, it requires time, often money, and also the domain and hosting. What if it was possible to avoid all of this? We always want the best for you, which is why today, we would like to present you with a new solution - the prelander with the campaign list. This original solution will help you earn even more!

Benefits of the offers page

The offers page is a tool ideal for the publisher. Saving time is only one of its many advantages, yet it is undoubtedly of key importance. The site with the campaign list is a free solution that allows you to create a simple sales page that works like a prelander, except it doesn't require you to organize the hosting or your own website. We will generate this page for you. However, the prelander with the campaign list can be used in many different ways. You can use it as a part of your own website, a blog, or as a separate unit, which is a kind of intermediary between the link generated by you and the campaign page.


By using the offers page, you don't have to redirect the client straight to the advertiser's website. The prelander allows you to "soften" the moods of your visitors and filters out those who aren't interested in purchasing at all. It is a straightforward way from the potential to completed conversion.

The prelander with the campaign list aggregates different programs within one page. This means promoting several affiliate programs with one link. To the offers page, you can add any offers you access. It is important - be aware that only approved campaigns can be used to create a page with offers.

If you generate and use the site with offers, the same commission applies as if you were promoting each program separately. As a publisher, you receive the same commission as you would get in a "normal" campaign promotion. 

Furthermore, the prelander with the campaign list is a tool that you can freely adjust to your needs. To learn how to configure the offers page, read the rest of the article.

Advantages of the offers page

So as you already know, this tool allows you to make money in the easiest possible way. In the graphic below, we have gathered all the most important information for you. 


How to use the prelander with the campaign list?

As we mentioned earlier, the offers page allows you to create a simple page where you can collect various offers redirecting straight to the promoted portal or store. You can place a link to such a page on your social media (e.g., in the BIO on Instagram or in a separate post on Facebook) or wherever you would add a link to each of the campaigns you want to promote.


At the beginning of the article, you have learned that the prelander with the campaign list can also be part of your own website or blog. It is true. With the help of HTML code, you can place it on your websites, just like you place widgets. It is really that easy. 

How to configure the offers page?

1. To configure the offers page, log in to the publisher's panel.

2. From the menu on the left, choose "For Webmasters" and then click "Offers page". You can also click the button down below. 


3. To create your own prelander select: “Create a new page of offers”.


4. All available settings are now displayed on the screen. As you can see, there aren't many of them, so the configuration is really easy.


5. Set the name of the offers page, e.g., Offers page - Test. The visitors will not see it. The page name is the information only for the publisher.

6. Then choose how you want to select your campaigns. You can do it manually or choose an automatic selection. 

If you choose a manual selection, you will need to select the campaigns you want to display on your prelander. You choose them from the list of available campaigns. If you decide on automatic selection, you will choose a campaign category, e.g., Entertainment, Gambling, Clothing and Accessories, or other - depending on the campaign category you are promoting. 

7. If you want to promote campaigns from different categories within one link, you can sort them out. To do this, select "Group into categories".


This is how the pages are displayed without categorization (left) and with categorization (right). 


8. Then you can move on to the configuration of options related to the appearance of the prelander with the campaign list. Choose whether you want your website to display campaign logos or just their names. Remember that you must choose at least one option. 


9. Then you can customize the theme and create it according to your preferences. Customize the background colours and content displayed on the offers page. If you are satisfied with your choices, click Save.


From now on, your prelander will be available on the list of offers pages. Go to it to manage your site.


Select "Preview" from the "Actions" column on the right. The test page generated by us looks like this: 


If you are satisfied with the result, you just need to generate the code for the website or the URL link. You will find all of this in the "Action" column. If you want to adjust your page, select “Edit” and then go back to customizing.


If you want to use the URL generation option, you have one more step to take. In the window, select a tracking domain or leave the default option, then copy the generated link and place it wherever you want.


Now you know how to set up the prelander with the campaign list. As you can see, the whole process isn't complicated. For experienced webmasters, it should only take a few minutes to prepare their own page with offers. It is definitely worthwhile to take an interest in this tool to be able to earn even more than before. 


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I want to promote the offer, so I need your help. Please approve.


I want to promote the offer, so I need your help. Please approve.


Guys I'm sorry but i have to be honest with you. It's a nice idea that you have but the result of the tool is horrible. If i was a customer entering a landing page or prelanding call it as you like i would never click on that sh....... page.. For once i will think that it's some kind of a virus  and then i would go away.. Sorry but this won't work at least for my audience. It's like some ugly landing pages like udimi has that were left over from the 90's..

  So i am forced to find another solution. I really do wonder why nobody ever told you openly his opinion about it ..

Also you should add colorful boxes in the ''website''  check  when we choose manually to campaign. They weren't visible to my laptop. Plus add a delete button to the landing page if we don't like it.

Again i am honest with you and Im trying to help and although i voted for you and i never received my facebook ebook  ....