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MyLead celebrates its 7th birthday


The MyLead affiliate network celebrates its 7th anniversary. This is the perfect time to summarize its achievements so far and start the next chapter. During this time, the company has developed from a startup activity consisting of several people to an enterprise employing nearly 50 people, which is gaining popularity in almost all countries of the world, including Russia, Germany, Spain and India. After 7 years, the company's headquarters still remain in Poznań, and employees of an international team are working on the development of the brand.

Recent years have been a continuous growth for MyLead. Seven years in the industry allowed the brand to gain recognition among hundreds of thousands of users from around the world who choose MyLead in numerous votes. Years of experience have allowed the brand to enter new markets, introduce more and more interesting tools and surprise users with a constantly growing number of partner programs.


Seven years is a long time, but as it turns out, MyLead has not been idle. The company has been awarded many times, and the platform itself has undergone a lot of changes so that users can use the website they know today. During the entire period of its activity, MyLead recorded over 1200% growth, for which it received an award at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe gala, thus becoming one of the fastest-growing technologically innovative companies in the Central Europe region.

- I remember when I started my adventure with MyLead like it was yesterday... I had the vision to create a place on the Internet where everyone can earn money in many ways. I wanted those who came up with the idea of ​​earning money via the Internet to go to MyLead and stay with us. Have I managed to achieve it? Unfortunately not yet, after all, we are making great progress in every field and if I could determine where we are now and what growth we have ahead of us, the BTC chart from August 2019 would be the perfect analogy. Our revenues from 2014 have been growing by approximately 110% annually, to 9.5 million revenues for 2020 - explains the CEO of MyLead, Patryk Hoffmann - The project started with one employee and it was me. I didn't have an affiliate, marketing, finance, or support team... but I was able to deal with it, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Today we have 45 people in the team, and only in the last year, 20 specialists in their fields have joined us.

In the following years, the company wants to maintain a positive growth trend and increase the dynamics of development by offering customers the most innovative products on the market, as well as reaching new users by expanding its operations to new countries.

- By the end of the year, we plan to hand over to the publishers one of our largest projects, which we are already very proud of, and it will be a completely new publisher panel, coded in the latest technology, taking into account all UX/UI corrections and user suggestions and based on our 7 years of experience. I can shyly say that no chain on the market has such a panel. - the brand president about his plans for the future - There will also be a third version of the mobile application, which will be technologically and graphically consistent with the new interface of the portal. An important novelty for our users will be the complete mapping of the functions from the panel available in the desktop version, which will contribute to the fact that the application that each of us has on the phone will no longer limit publishers in terms of functionality, and what is more, and I really hope that this is what will happen, even more in popularity. These are, of course, only some of the projects we are currently working on. In fact, there are many more of them.

This year, for the first time in history, the brand has decided to celebrate its birthday in a special way. On this occasion, a quiz with prizes awaits the users of the portal, the brand's social media have turned into a small calendar, on MyLead profiles you can find materials with employee advice, and a sack with the logo will put on a birthday cap. All this to celebrate the unique occasion of the 7th birthday.

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