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FAQ - registration

See questions from users regarding the registration process

+ Who can join MyLead?

A MyLead user can be any adult person or company that has an e-mail address and will register a user account on the Mylead website.

+ Does joining the program cost?

No, registration and the use of MyLead is and will always remain completely free.

+ How long will it take to create an account?

Literally a few minutes. We respect your time therefore the entire registration process is extremely short.

+ How does account activation work?

First you have to fill in the basic fields - login, password and email address. Then you need to verify your e-mail address by clicking the activation link which will be send to the e-mail address provided earlier. Then we will ask you for your personal data. Finally, all you need to do is verify yourself using your phone number. It will take you more than a few minutes.

+ What will my e-mail be used for?

To verify your profile which is absolutely normal when creating a new account. Sometimes, with your consent, we will send you an exclusive knowledge compendium that will help you acquire new skills for free and allow you to earn even more.

+ Why do I need to provide my personal data?

Your personal data is necessary for future withdrawals of the money you earned. Without them, we would not be able to send transfers to your account. 

+ Is my personal data safe with you?

Of course. We have been operating in the affiliation industry for over 4 years. We scrupulously comply with the applicable data protection law and the GDPR. We also guarantee that your data will never be sold to anyone.