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Tools for webmaster

We have mechanisms created for professionals

Ikona Narzędzia dla webmastera

earn effectively on your website

spread your wings and earn money

All publishers are important to us - both beginners and advanced. For them, we have prepared a number of solutions thanks to which they can monetize their sites. Our tools are distinguished by ease of installation and high efficiency. We offer unique functionalities that are not available in other affiliate networks, as well as those built specifically for our users.

Ikona Content Locker

content locker

By using the Content Locker - a payment gateway functionality (otherwise known as gateway or "empty offer"), you can easily generate profit on your site by blocking access. Content Locker blocks access to certain "premium" content that you choose to provide only for a fee. Using Content Locker allows you to generate additional income from your website, blog or landing page. The possibilities of using this plugin are virtually limitless. Content Locker uses Polish and foreign SMS payments.

Ikona Video Locker

Video Locker

With the help of this tool you can earn from video views. Do you want to generate profit on paid content? Do you create your own video material that you wish to monetize? All you have to do is create a Video Locker and place it on your website to monetize your videos efficiently and regularly. We also have unique solutions created especially for particular partner programs that are not available anywhere else. Let the Video Locker VOD serve as an example. It is a script that automatically searches in which affiliate program a promoted movie or series is available, and then redirects the client straight into specific VOD platform ! You can legally earn money by offering real content!

Ikona Centrum Aplikacji Publish Actions

Publish Actions application center

The Publish Actions Application Center is a powerful Facebook application center that allows you to post on the board, add comments and likes on behalf of users. You can increase your earnings very quickly in this way. In the application center you can connect any affiliate program, and then, using collected tokens you can process mass distribution of your link. MyLead is the only affiliate network in Poland that gives you access to such features for free!

Ikona Deeplink


Deeplink is a technology that will help you increase your effectiveness. While advertising a product from a given online store, you can use deeplink and direct the customer straight to the subpage of a specific product. Thus, the user completely bypasses the home page, does not have to search for the product themselves, and can buy the product more easily. In MyLead we support effective solutions.

Ikona Testy AB

A/B testing

We provide you with reporting systems that are the basis for a good comparative analysis. It will clearly show you which affiliate programs and tools should arouse your interest. By accessing full statistics, including information about lead origin, you can get all the data needed to proceed a reliable A / B testing. We do not hide anything from you.

Ikona Bannery Reklamowe

Advertising banners

We provide advertising banners for particular advertising campaigns so you can save your money. You do not have to spend any money on the graphic designer's salary and aesthetic graphics that are available in your publisher panel will increase your effectiveness while providing you with higher profit.

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