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Programa de afiliados BeGlossy

BeGLOSSY is an elegant box with cosmetics, available in Poland from 2012. Commission: sale.

Tarifa 7,20%

Tipo CPS

Description of the BeGlossy Affiliate Program

The beautifully packaged box contains 5 or more mini cosmetic products, carefully selected by experts. The set is sent once a month straight to the customer's door, where you can conveniently test various cosmetics to make wise choices when shopping. The beGLOSSY box offer also includes boxes addressed to men, as well as limited editions for special occasions. Welcome to the world of beauty!

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

-Brand Bidding
-Pages for adults

Categoría: Salud y Bienestar , Productos cosméticos
Última actualización: 2020-09-21 00:15:03
Tipo de dispositivo: Dispositivos móviles , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Escritorio , Mac , Windows
Tipo de tráfico: Tráfico motivado no permitido
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Tipo de conversión: Venta
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