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Programa de afiliados BNP PARIBAS - Konto Otwarte na Ciebie w promocji "Noworoczne konto" z premią do 250 zł!

The client can get up to 250 PLN in return for active use of the account.
Commission: account opening, 1 non-cash transaction per month

Tarifa $17.74

Tipo CPA

Descripción del programa de afiliados

The account opened for you by BNP Paribas in the "New Year's Account" promotion! The Customer may receive up to PLN 250 in return for active use of the account in the period from February to March 2020. Details in the Action Regulations. Customers have time to send applications until 15.01.2020 or until the pool of 3000 registrations is exhausted. (This applies only to those Customers who have not had an active BNP Paribas product within the last 12 months)

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

-Pop-up / pop under
-Incent -Mailing

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