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Programa de afiliados Novakid

Novakid - is an online school where children learn English with people who are native or second-native. Commission: Confirmation of the test lesson (PLN 48.78) + paid course (PLN 24.39)

Tarifa $12.55

Tipo CPA

Descripción del Novakid Programa de Afiliado

Learning a new language isn’t especially as daunting a task for children as it is for adults. Even still, the importance of building a sound foundation for young ones can’t be overstated. The innovative and fun Novakid Application offers a highly-interactive platform for kids aged 4 to 12. They’ll be connected with native English-speaking teachers from all over the world. With an intelligently-devised curriculum, exclusive AI-based games, and fun exercises, it keeps the children excited to learn! What’s more; they’ve got an amazing Affiliate program in store for you. Join the Novakid Affiliate Program right now and start reaping big rewards today!

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

-PopUp / ClickUnder
-Motivated traffic
-Pages for adults
-API traffic

Categoría: Conocimientos , Formación , Casa y Jardín , Para niños
Última actualización: 2021-06-23 04:34:02
Tipo de dispositivo: Dispositivos móviles , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Escritorio , Mac , Windows
Tipo de tráfico: Tráfico motivado no permitido
EPC : 24.98 PLN
Tipo de conversión: Confirmación de la solicitud , Finalización de la tarea
CR : 1.3 %
Deeplink: No