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Programa de afiliados POLOżyczka

Promote the new short-term loan program POLO loan Commission: Applying, Granting a loan

Tarifa $5.12

Tipo CPA

Description of the POLOżyczka Affiliate Program

The colorful offer of the loan company Polożyczka is one of the most interesting offers on the financial services market in 2019. This Polish company belonging to the Solven Finance group offers clients short-term loans, guaranteeing safe and fast service available completely online.
- 18 years or older,
- positive assessment of creditworthiness,
- having a valid e-mail address,
- having access to electronic banking.
LOAN AMOUNT: 500 - 8,000 PLN

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

- Unauthorized banners and mailing creations
- Facebook Ads
- AdWords - no direct redirection to the website. Prohibition of positioning on keywords: POLOzyczka, Solven, and other referring to the brand
- call center - it is only allowed to call external databases and assist in completing the application by the client / sending an email to the process (API).
- Incentive traffic

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