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Programa de afiliados RF Online

Promote the free to play game in oriental fantasy climates. Commission: registration and email confirmation

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Tipo CPL

Description of the RF Online Affiliate Program

RF Online, or Rising Force is a 3D MMORPG, which debuted with its first release in 2004. Thanks to its popularity, it also appeared on the American, European and Asian markets with dedicated translation just after the premiere. In 2020 Netmarble, which currently owns RF Online, announced that it is starting to develop a mobile game based on the same story.

RF Online is based on solutions known from MMORPGs - the user chooses his or her own person and fights with the opponent for which he or she receives a designated pool of points. As the number of points increases, the level of gameplay increases and the user faces further challenges.

If you want to promote a free version of the game, become an advertiser within the RF Online affiliate program. The service is realized within the CPL model.

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Condiciones de la promoción de programa

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