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Programa de afiliados Usenet.nl

Promote a platform campaign that supports newsgroups and earn money!
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Tarifa $8.77 - 14.9

Tipo CPA

Descripción del Usenet.nl Programa de Afiliado

The Usenet was estabilished in 1979 at the University of North Carolina as an initiative of three students. At first, it was considered as an alternative to the Arpanet. Later, it was used by the U.S. Army Today, Usenet.nl, as an expierenced company, offers up to 30 000 terabytes of data with posiibility of 16 simultaneous connections. The service is a safe and fast internet solution with a proper privacy protection (provided by a 256-bit-SSL encryption). Usenet.nl affiliate program is based on CPA model - accounted for a specific action made by a customer. Usenet.nl programme is available for mobile devices and desktop.

Join the Usenet.nl brand affiliate program if your audience cares about maximum Speed right from the start, easy access, protected data and over 200,000 varies newsgroups, in which new articles are posted daily. Help your budget by showing others the real world!

By promoting the Usenet.nl brand affiliate program, you can earn up to $14.37 for each customer who decides to sign up for a free trial.

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