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Programme d’affiliation Urokilegend.ru RU CPS

Tarif 15,38%

Type CPS

Description de programme d’affiliation: Urokilegend.ru RU CPS

"Uroki legend" is an online platform that brings together online courses in the most current areas of edutainment: education plus entertainment. All online courses are led by recognized media personalities. Their experience is unique and their knowledge is universal. They go far beyond the profession and are only available at Uroki Legend. On the platform you can create an individual training plan based on the direction and rate: take an annual subscription and get all online courses, put together a set of several online courses or buy one. Material online courses are easily absorbed due to the rich format of the video lessons lasting from 5 to 30 minutes and the quality of video images, which is not inferior to your favorite movies or TV series. The Uroki Legend online platform is designed for those who value continuous development and strive for new knowledge. Customer benefits: Everyone who becomes part of Legends Lessons receives: Unique quality content not available on other services. Exclusive knowledge of outstanding professionals. A convenient and engaging format of concentrated video lessons. Learning materials with cases, tips and other useful information from the masters. Choice of learning destinations. Regular new online courses releases. Support and service. Video content playback on any device. Electronic certificate with a master's signature. Hands-on courses. Annual subscription access to all of the above and all of the speakers on the platform that are now and will appear within a year. Benefits for webmasters: Full transparency: reconciliation, payments, timing. High royalty rate Media speakers such as: Vladimir Pozner, Ivan Dorn, Ksenia Sobchak, Alexander Sokurov and others Plus 2-5 courses every month Wide target audience Advertiser's interest in resolving any controversial issues Individual and general promo codes Ready-made banners and banners for the editorial office GEO: Russian speaking world Hold time: 30 days Shelf life of cookies: 30 days Average bill: 8100 rubles Target audience: % Men: 45 Women: 55 Age: % 18-24: 6,7 25-34: 40,8 35-44: 29,3 Others: 23.2 Regions: % Moscow + the Oblast: 34 Saint Petersburg: 8.6 Krasnodar Territory: 3 Republic of Bashkortostan: 1 Others: 53.4 Type of device: % mobile+tablet: 79.7 desktop: 20,3 Important:     1. List of stopwords for contextual advertising

Termes de promotion de programme

Dozwolony typ ruchu: Paid Search: Tak, Banners: Tak, AdSpot/RichMedia/Sli­ding: Tak, E-mail: Tak, Social Networks: Tak, Price-Comparison: Tak, Coupon/Promo Codes: Tak, Cashback: Tak, Teaser advertisements: Tak, Clickunder/Popunder: Nie, Doorways: Nie, Content Sites: Tak, Incentive: Nie, Messenger/SMS: Tak, Toolbar: Nie, Youtube: Tak, Adult: Nie, Autoredirect: Nie, Branded context ads: Nie, Retargeting: Nie, Pop-up: Nie, Mobile traffic in mobile version: Nie

Catégorie: Autre
L'actualisation dernière : 2023-03-29 17:15:06
Type d’outil:
Pays :
Type de trafic: No Incent (le programme n'autorise pas le trafic motivé)
EPC : b/d
Type de conversion: Indéfini
CR : 2.38 %
Deeplink: Non
Banners Non

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