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Programme d’affiliation Газпромбанк: кредит наличными CPA

Tarif $100

Type CPA

Description de programme d’affiliation: Газпромбанк: кредит наличными CPA

Gazprombank is one of Russia's largest universal financial institutions, providing a wide range of banking, financial, and investment products and services to corporate and private customers, financial institutions, institutional and private investors. The Bank is one of the three largest banks in Russia in terms of all major indicators and is the third-largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of equity capital. Information on the product: Loan amount: up to RUB 5,000,000. For a loan of up to 1 million, you only need a passport. Loan term: up to 7 years. Loan term: 13 to 84 months. Amount of loan  The interest rate with insurance: from 3 000 000,01 RUB to 5 000 000 RUB 5,5%** from 3 000 000,01 RUB to 5 000 000 RUB 5,9%*** from 300 000 RUB to 3 000 000,00 RUB 7,9% from 100 000 RUB to 299 999,99 RUB 8,9% If personal insurance is refused, a 6-7 p. p. surcharge applies, depending on the client's category. ** for customers who receive their salaries on bank cards and accounts of Bank GPB (JSC) *** for clients who receive their salaries on bank cards and accounts of Bank GPB (JSC) and have arranged a loan at an office of Bank GPB (JSC) How to get a cash loan: The client fills out an application online The client waits for the decision: - Receives SMS with the decision on the application The client receives the money: - In the office or mobile application (for Gazprombank clients) Necessary documents to apply for a cash loan: Passport of a Russian Federation citizen; One of the documents confirming income*: - Certificate of individual income and tax amounts (2-NDFL); - Reference on Bank form; - Certificate of the amount of the assigned/paid pension issued by an authorized body, and a certificate from the non-state pension fund, if any (for non-working pensioners); - Reference on the lifetime maintenance of judges – for retired judges; - A copy of the employment record book, certified by the company-employer** (may be requested by the bank). For clients who receive their salary on Gazprombank's card: only Russian passport * The document must contain your income for the last 12 months or, if you have been employed for less than 12 months, for the actual period of employment, but not less than 3 months (the document is valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issue) ** The work record book is certified by an authorized employee of the employing organization by putting an inscription "copy true", signature with the printed name, initials, position, date, and stamp of the organization on each page or on the last page by putting an inscription "works till now" with the date of making the record.  Disclaimer: Loan without collateral. The rate (% APR) - from 5.5% when the loan amount from 3,000,000.01 to 5 million rubles for customers who receive wages on bank cards and accounts of Bank GPB (JSC) and arrange a loan through the bank's website and 5.9% when applying for a loan in the office of Bank GPB (JSC), from 6.9% for the loan amount from 3 million to 5 million rubles For other customers, from 7.9% - when the amount of 300,000 to 3 million rubles, from 8.9% - when the amount of 100,000 - 299,999, 99 rubles; increases by 6-7 p.p. for customers without personal insurance, depending on the category of the borrower. Term Loan: from 13 to 84 months. Learn more at gazprombank.ru.  Information as of 01.07.2021. Not an offer. Bank GPB (JSC). General license #354 of the Bank of Russia. Advertising. The requirement for the borrower: RF citizenship Age from 20 to 70 At least 6 months of work experience (at least 3 months on a salary project in Gazprombank) Lack of negative credit history Traffic recommendations to increase conversion:  Important for a positive decision - no current overdue debts or debts over 90 calendar days Preferably salary over 25 rub RF employment is required Less likely to be approved in the case of recent rejections/frequent appeals to banks and/or financial institutions. Important for a positive decision – no application for bankruptcy Less likely to be approved if the client is a sole proprietorship or is an employee of a sole proprietorship Eqfax Score, NBKI - 650+ Debt load no more than 50%, i.e. if you earn 100 rub, your loan expenses must not exceed 50 rub. Approval probability is higher with current work experience of 6 months and more Lower probability of approval for owner/manager clients with few employees Probability of approval lower for clients who came off maternity leave less than 9 months ago Ways of obtaining: At the bank branch Ways of repayment: At company offices and ATMs Action taken: Loan disbursed PostClick Cookie: 30 days Average hold: 30 days   Allowed types of traffic: SEO traffic Contextual advertising (YandexDirect, Google Adwords, Begun) Social networking advertising (VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook) PopUp advertising Teaser network Banner advertising Types of traffic to match: Motivated (incentive) traffic E-mail mailing SMS distribution Cashback (cashback) Video advertising Any type of user motivation (offers, contests, etc.) Discount and coupon aggregators Prohibited traffic types: Public pages/groups/communities on social networks Social networking applications/games Dorway traffic E-mail spam SMS spam Brokerage traffic Adult / Porno traffic ClickUnder Push - advertising Toolbar - advertising Hypercontextual advertising Brand advertising Apps and games Co-registration Contextual advertising on brand PopUnder Guerrilla marketing Bounce traffic ATTENTION! The bank has the right to reserve the refusal of payment for requests recognized as frozen (systematic deception of the client, cookies, as well as the transfer of invalid personal data, etc) on condition that they have not been paid, and disconnect webmasters attracting requests with frozen. GEO From 01 December 2021 a "Free service" offer starts for Gazprombank Credit Card offer. If you apply for a Gazprombank Credit Card from December 01 December 2021 to 31 December 2021, the service will be free forever. Let us also remind you of the advantages for the holders of Gazprombank's Credit Handy Card: renewable interest-free period of up to 180 days: this is the maximum grace period currently available in the market; a grace period of 11.9% on purchases made in the first two months, if the grace period is not used properly withdrawal of up to 100,000 rubles per month in cash without any fees at any ATMs worldwide. free courier delivery of the card only passport is required to apply for the card "Free service" campaign ends on 01 January 2022 From 01.12.21 to 30.12.21 the Action "December Prize" with special conditions for those who want to take credit will be held! Promotion Information: If you get a loan from December 1 to December 30, the user has a chance not to repay the loan. The participants of the Action are individuals who have obtained a cash loan in the period from December 1 to December 30, 2021. You can execute the loan up to 5 million rubles inclusive, on the website or in the Bank's subdivision, in the Mobile application. To participate in the Promo Action it is required to have a valid consent to the advertising mailing from the Bank. The Bank should be provided with the valid phone number or e-mail address for contact with Participants during the Period of Promotion and summarizing results. The Drawing of the reward will be held not later than 15 working days after the end of the Campaign on the date determined in advance and the Applicants will be informed about it via available communication channels - SMS, Email, Push in Telecard 2.0 mobile application, outgoing call from the Call Center. The Nominees will also be informed about their serial number. Winners will be selected at random by random number generator Randomus: randomus.ru. The record of the drawing will be saved and posted on the Organizer's official social network YouTube: youtube.com/c/gazprombank, where the Winners can check their serial number. The number of Winners is 10. The Winners shall be informed of their winnings through the available communication channels not later than 5 working days after the drawing. The reward in the Promotion is a cash payment to the Winners, calculated according to the formula: amount of current indebtedness divided by 65%, where the amount of current indebtedness is determined as of the date of remuneration payment under the credit agreement participating in the Promotion. The promotional rate remains the same - from 5.5% per annum for the amount of credit up to 5 million ₽. We invite you to increase your volumes and, of course, to earn more!   From 14 December 2021 to 30 December 2021 a promotion with special improved conditions for those who want to get a loan! Upon receipt of the loan from December 14 to December 30, the rate will be 3.9% per annum. The promotional rate varies: - The minimum rate of 3.9% per annum. - The maximum amount of credit - up to 5 million rubles. Also a reminder of the Advantages of a Cash Loan from Gazprombank : - Quick decision on the loan (sms) for 2 minutes. - One of the lowest rates in the lending market - 3,9% per annum - No references, only passport required for loans up to 1 000 000 rubles - Early repayment without commissions and on any day regardless of the date of payment. + Over 400 offices to obtain the Cash Loan Disclaimers     

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