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Programme d’affiliation Flix Sport

A set of global landings for sport broadcasts, for over 20 disciplines
Commission: Credit card submit and test start

Tarif $7.87 - 13.83

Type CPA

Description de programme d’affiliation: Flix Sport

Flix is a huge platform that comprises a wide array of landing pages dedicated to promoting media content of any kind – movies, series, and a whole lot more! They’ve launched their exclusive series of landing pages designed specifically to promote any type of sports content. It covers over 20 different disciplines, broadcasting all your favorite sports! Avail of the chance of a lifetime by joining the Flix Sports Affiliate Program today. Prepare to welcome a generous revenue stream because you’re bound to find a sports fan everywhere you look!

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Some sales pages in this partner program allow you to modify the title of the movie or broadcast. Just add the parameter &dl_title=NAME_OF_THE_MOVIE to the end of your affiliate link to change the title.

The parameter works in the following sales pages: - Sporter Soccer - Sporter Football - Sporter Baseball - Sporter Basketball - Sporter Hockey - Sporter MMA - Sporter Boxing - Sporter Handball - Sporter Motorsports - Sporter Rugby - M2 Rugby - Sporter Tennis - M2 Tennis - Sporter Volleyball - Sporter Cricket

Important: if you want to use special characters (including spaces) use the tool available on the website https://www.url-encode-decode.com/.

Termes de promotion de programme

No incentive, no adult

Catégorie: Divertissement , Emissions sportives
L'actualisation dernière : 2021-06-15 10:27:59
Type d’outil: Appareils mobiles , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Windows phone , Desktop , Mac , Windows
Pays :
Type de trafic: No Incent (le programme n'autorise pas le trafic motivé)
EPC : b/d
Type de conversion: Détails de la carte de crédit
CR : b/d
Deeplink: Non
Banners Non