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Партнерская программа Fremdgehen69

Promote the program of a popular dating platform for German-speaking countries! Commission: For registration

Ставка $3.6 - 7.21

Описание партнерской программы

Fremdgehen69 is the solution for those who are bored in their relationship. There seems to be a great need for variety outside of partnership and marriage. While many men and women accidentally slip into an adventure, others are picky and planning. With Fremdgehen69 they have found the perfect portal to meet partners for a change.

Условия продвижения программы


No Blackberry traffic on mobile offers,
No Email traffic allowed at all
No Spyware, spamming, adware, incentivized and virtual currency traffic allowed!
The Partner can bid in search but cannot link directly to any campaigns or domains owned and/or managed by the Advertiser or the Billing Company in Google AdWords, Google Search, Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Yahoo!
The Partner cannot bid on any campaign or domain name owned and/or managed by the Advertiser or the Billing Company, one of its brands keywords or any misspellings of them. If possible, all Brand terms should be requested to be added as negatives.

Категория: Для взрослых , Дейтинг , Sex вебкам , Контент +18
Последнее обновление: 2019-05-10 12:29:16
Тип устройства: Рабочий стол , Неопределенный
Тип трафика: Запрещенный мотивированный трафик
EPC : b/d
Тип конверсии: Однократное предоставление электронной почты , Подтверждения адреса электронной почты
CR : b/d
Deeplink: Нет
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