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Партнерская программа

Promote a campaign of a well-known loan company! Commission: For the loan granted

Ставка $10.06 - 30.18

Описание партнерской программы is a leading company on the market of fast non-bank loans. The offer includes payday debts first for free, loans by phone, as well as payday debts or loans without checking in BIG. The loan for the ID card itself at is granted in amounts from 100 to 3000 PLN for a period of 5 to 30 days. The condition for obtaining a loan at is Polish citizenship and the age from 23 to 65 years.

Условия продвижения программы

- the basis for the settlement is the first loan granted to the customer who came to our site using a properly marked link, if between its registration and giving the first loan not more than 30 days have passed

- the source counts, from which the client's registration was made

- it is allowed to use search engine advertisements, however it is forbidden to advertise on brand phrases

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