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Партнерская программа Nest Bank - BIZnest Kredyt dla firm

Nest Bank business loan! Commission: complete the application and contact the call center

Ставка $9.88

Описание партнерской программы

BIZNest Loan for Business is a loan up to PLN 550,000 as simple as a regular cash loan. All you need is PIT, KPiR or an account statement. Initial decision by phone even in 5 minutes!
Remuneration for a correct application will be granted on condition that the user completes correctly and sends the electronic contact form containing unique data to the Bank's website. By correctly completing it is meant completing all the fields of the form with unique data, provided that the data it contains is CORRECT, based on the data the advertiser CONTACT the client and the client CONFIRMS his identity and expresses interest in the product.
The remuneration will not be calculated if, within 3 months preceding the submission of the application, an application containing the same NIP has been submitted.

Условия продвижения программы

Before starting the offer, please contact Support Paweł or write to [email protected]
The program is forbidden to send applications on behalf of the client. Applications generated by unique users are correctly counted.

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