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Партнерская программа Газпромбанк: кредитная «Удобная карта» CPA

Ставка $21.88

Описание партнерской программы: Газпромбанк: кредитная «Удобная карта» CPA

Gazprombank is one of the largest universal banks in Russia. It has about 500 offices all over the country. Handy Card Credit Card 1. The interest-free period depends on card use (purchases and cash withdrawals) for 60 days:  180 days – when spending over ₽60,000 90 days – when spending less than ₽ 60,000 2.    Issuance of an additional card - 0 ₽ 3.    Rate of 11.9%. If you don't manage to repay the debt in full during the grace period, the rate of 11.9% per annum applies to purchases made in the first 2 calendar months. 4.    Free service. For purchases of ₽5,000 or more per month or if you do not use the card, otherwise - ₽199 per month 5.    Cash withdrawal without commission, up to 100,000 ₽ per month at any ATMs worldwide. 6.    Up to 600,000 ₽ credit limit 7.    Receipt on a single document - only a passport is required. 8.    Free delivery. Safe card delivery - a representative will arrive wearing a protective mask and gloves. 9.    Payment of utility bills in mobile application and in Internet banking - no fees. 10.    Minimum monthly payment – 3% of the outstanding amount (minimum ₽500) 11.    Opportunity to conclude an insurance policy for traveling within Russia and abroad 12.    SMS (free of charge) on transactions How to get a card Fill in an application Fill out the online application – no need to go to the office Wait for approval You will be notified by SMS when your application is approved – The decision is made within a day Get your card Free delivery to your preferred location and time Borrower requirements Citizenship and registration in Russian Federation Age: 20 to 62 years. Total work experience: at least 1 year Length of service at current job: - not less than 3 months, - No experience requirements for non-working pensioners. Disclosure Convenient card with a grace period of up to 6 billing periods (APS) if ≥ 60,000 ₽ is spent within 2 APs, and up to 3 APs if < 60,000 ₽ is spent. No service charge if there is no RP debt or purchases of ₽5,000 or more per month, otherwise ₽199₽/month. Cash withdrawal on the main card up to 100,000 ₽/month. - No fee, otherwise - 3.9%+390 ₽. Fee for transfers - 3.9%+390 ₽. Withdrawal/transfer rate - 29.9%, for purchases in the first 2 PIs from the date of the contract - 11.9%, from the 3rd PI - 25.9%. Min. loan payment - 3% of the outstanding balance, but not less than ₽500. Min./Max loan amount: 9999/600,000 ₽. Penalty for a technical overdraft from the 8th working day and for breach of loan and/or interest repayment obligations - 0.1% per day. For more information, visit gazprombank.ru and call. 8-800-300-60-90 (free call within the Russian Federation). 01.09.2021. Not an offer. Bank GPB (JSC). General persons. CENTRAL BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION №354. Advertising. Allowed types of traffic: SEO traffic Contextual advertising (YandexDirect, Google Adwords, Begun) Advertising in social networks (VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook) PopUp advertising Teaser network Banner advertising Types of traffic to match: Motivated (incentive) traffic E-mail mailing SMS distribution Cashback (cashback) Video advertising Any type of user motivation (offers, contests etc.) Discount and coupon aggregators   Prohibited traffic types: Public pages/groups/communities on social networks Social networking applications/games Dorway traffic E-mail spam SMS spam Brokerage traffic Adult / Porno traffic ClickUnder Push - advertising Toolbar - advertising Hypercontextual advertising Brand advertising Apps and games Co-registration Contextual advertising on brand PopUnder Guerrilla marketing Bounce traffic Action taken - Issued credit card PostClick cookie: 30 days Average hold: 30 days Reconciliation by action is done by client upload.  WARNING! Bank has the right to reserve the refusal of payment for requests recognized as frozen (systematic customer fraud, cookie stuffing, as well as the transfer of invalid personal data and others) on condition that they have not been paid, and disable webmasters which attract requests with frozen. Including in the case of detection of the use of banned traffic types. Geo Minus words Creatives Banners  

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Dozwolony typ ruchu: Paid Search: Tak, Banners: Tak, AdSpot/RichMedia/Sli­ding: Tak, E-mail: Tak, Social Networks: Tak, Cashback: Tak, Teaser advertisements: Tak, Clickunder/Popunder: Nie, Doorways: Nie, Content Sites: Tak, Broker traffic: Nie, Incentive: Nie, Messenger/SMS: Tak, Toolbar: Nie, Autoredirect: Nie, Branded context ads: Nie, Retargeting: Tak, Pop-up: Tak, Mobile traffic in mobile version: Tak

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