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Партнерская программа Collagen RU CPS

Ставка 3,07% - 6,15%

Описание партнерской программы: Collagen RU CPS

The FIRST LIVING COLLAGEN brand stands for innovative products that are used in medicine, cosmetology, hair, body and face care. Collagen-based products help close trichology issues, Dentistry, balanced sports nutrition and maintaining a constant level of collagen in everyone's body. Collagen is the building material for bones, internal organs, joints, ligaments, tendons, hair and skin. It is the main structural protein, the basis of connective tissue, the quality of which determines the condition of all systems in our body. FIRST VITAL COLLAGEN is a certified, natural, safe, hypoallergenic biocomplex in the form of hydrolysate. It is easily absorbed and triggers the synthesis of our own collagen. Several product lines based on VITAL collagen have been developed for home care as well as for professionals in the health and beauty industry. VITAL collagen products have already won the hearts of millions of consumers in more than 60 regions of Russia and other countries. Target audience data: Gender: Women - 78%. Men - 22%. Age (by number of sales): 18-24-10% 25-34-22% 35-44-25% 45-54-18% 55-64-15% 65+ - 10%   Geo: Moscow - 43% St. Petersburg - 12% Moscow region - 8% Krasnodar region - 3% Sverdlovsk region - 2% Novosibirsk region - 2% Republic of Tatarstan - 2% Republic of Bashkortostan - 2% Samara region - 1% Tula region - 1% Benefits for clients: Collagenization procedure is a breakthrough in beauty and the most powerful recovery and rejuvenation procedure for the whole body  The first living collagen is a disease prevention and a product that improves the quality of life Living Collagen is certified by ISO HACCP Special training for masters working with Live Collagen TM Winner of the "Product of the Year 2019" award Affordable prices and high quality Benefits for the webmaster: Above-average segment commission High average bill High CR Regular promotions on the site Ability to provide individual terms and conditions  

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