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Партнерская программа NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN suppliers, providing safe and fast access to any sites.
Commission: sale.

Ставка 32,00%

Описание партнерской программы: NordVPN

NordVPN protects the internet connection using the latest security technologies, providing strong and reliable encryption of data transferred between the user's device and the VPN server. One NordVPN account allows you to secure up to 6 devices. The company has been on the market since 2012. Its services are used by 14 million people worldwide. The main goal of the platform's creators is the freedom and independence of the Internet. The name, not by accident, refers to the Scandinavian countries, where freedom of speech indexes maintain the highest. The owners of the platform are guided by Tim Berners-Lee's goals of ensuring security on the network for its users. NordVPN does not store user data, nor do it have penalties or restrictions imposed on it. NordVPN affiliate program is based on CPS model. Check the potential of this solution today!

Условия продвижения программы

Not allowed traffic type: -Email
-Push Ads
-Branded context ads
-Mobile traffic in mobile version

Категория: Развлечения , Приложения , Загрузка , Услуги , Компьютерные сети , Интернет
Последнее обновление: 2021-01-03 12:04:46
Тип устройства: Мобильные устройства , Android , iOS , Ipad , Iphone , Рабочий стол , Mac , Windows
Тип трафика: Запрещенный мотивированный трафик
EPC : b/d
Тип конверсии: Продажа
CR : b/d
Deeplink: Нет
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