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Партнерська програма Ascot Finance - Kredyt dla firm

The Ascot Finance product is: express business loan from PLN 50,000
Commission: CPL - confirmation of submission of the application, CPS - signing of the contract

Ставка 5.05 $ | 1,52%

Опис партнерської програми

The Ascot Finance product is: express business loan from PLN 50,000, financing directed to owners of companies, companies and people planning to set up a business, the possibility of allocating the funds obtained for any purpose related to the business, no verification in BIK and KRD.

A remuneration of PLN 21.60 CPL will be awarded for each correct application, provided that all the data contained therein is correct and the Advertiser contacts a customer who meets the following conditions: * confirms interest in the product, * comes from towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants, * has a pledge (real estate, company, machinery park or car), * is interested in the loan amount above PLN 30,000, * has not submitted an application to Ascot Finance within the last 30 days.
An additional remuneration of 1.52% CPS will be paid on the value of the loan granted.

Умови просування програми

Traffic not allowed:
The program is forbidden to send applications on behalf of the client.
The program prohibits advertising on Google Adwords for brand phrases

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