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Партнерська програма eFaktoring NFG

eFaktoring NFG means instant financing of invoices in just 15 minutes.
Commission: CPL - confirmation of submission of the application, CPA - signing of the contract

Ставка 4.75 $ | 30.4 $

Опис партнерської програми

eFaktoring NFG means instant financing of invoices in just 15 minutes. From PLN 2.99 for a funded PLN 100, with a limit of up to PLN 25,000 and without informing the contractor!
CPL will be granted for a correct application if all the data contained in the form are correct and based on it it is possible to contact the customer. The customer must run a sole proprietorship for at least 12 months, issue invoices with deferred payment, and at the time of submitting the application there is no open application for eFaktoring in the National Guarantee Fund and during the interview will confirm interest in the product.

CPA will be paid for each contract signed.

Умови просування програми

Traffic not allowed:
The program is forbidden to send applications on behalf of the client.
The program prohibits advertising on Google Adwords for brand phrases

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