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Партнерська програма Expander - Kredyt refinansowy

Refinancing loan at Expander. Commission to complete the application and contact the call center

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Опис партнерської програми: Expander - Kredyt refinansowy

A refinancing loan can reduce your home loan installments by up to 30%! Expander's advisors advise on how to convert existing liabilities into cheaper refinancing loans with lower installments for free.

CPA remuneration for a correct application will be granted for each correctly completed and sent short form. A properly completed Form is the Customer's provision of data enabling the Broker to contact the Customer by phone. The broker undertakes to make up to 16 attempts to make a phone call conversation or to attempt to contact a potential customer. The effect of the telephone conversation is an appointment and meeting in Expander's ward.

The settlement will be made for the unique meeting of the "New Customer", which will take place within a month from the date of submission of the application and reported to the 10th day of the next calendar month. A new customer - is a person who has never had a meeting with an Expander Advisor before, regardless of the product he is applying for. The settlement will occur according to the actual number of events - for meetings held in the Expander's branch.

In addition, remuneration will be charged on the value of the loan paid, provided that it is activated within 12 months of making the first contact with the customer. For sales that are closed in the CPS model, if the visit to the branch takes place longer than the calendar month in which the application was submitted, then only the CPS model will be billed.

Умови просування програми

The program is forbidden to send applications on behalf of the client, and applications generated by unique users are correctly counted.

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