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Партнерська програма Avis - PL

Promote Avis New Car Rental Affiliate Program Commission: Sales

Ставка 6,40%

Опис партнерської програми: Avis - PL

Avis is a leading car rental company whose clients are the largest entrepreneurs, also from the travel industry, offering luxury solutions for travelers. Avis has been a pioneer of innovation in the car rental industry for years, being one of the most recommended brands worldwide.

Умови просування програми

- Incent traffic
- Separate Agreements, Partner Relationships and Corporate Rates (CR) rates - Bookings made by customers at company-determined rates are non-commissionable as they are based on individual agreements and rates agreed between Avis and the selected entities. Clients affiliated with such entities are required to use Avis' services and their rates do not include referral fees and marketing costs. Bookings made using the CR rate will be rejected and no commission payment will be granted. To avoid unnecessary application of a CR rate or a partner relationship rate, please ensure that the discount codes available on your site are provided directly by Avis.

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Тип трафіку: Заборонений мотивований трафік
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Тип конверсії: Продаж
CR : b/d
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