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Партнерська програма BonPrix.pl

Earn money by promoting the campaign of one of the best-known online stores! Commission: For every order placed by the user

Ставка 4,40%

Опис партнерської програми: BonPrix.pl

Bon prix is the largest Sales House in Poland and one of the most popular online stores. Bon prix has over 6,000 products and over one million satisfied customers. Join our affiliate program and earn money! We have been operating on the Polish market for 15 years. Our offer is addressed primarily to women. All who love to look good and know what they need. In addition to women's clothing, we also offer articles for men, children and home. Our clients have a choice of over 6,000 products in a wide range of sizes and colors. High quality, attractive prices, favorable conditions for returning the purchased goods and an efficient delivery system are confirmed by more than one million satisfied bon prix customers.

The bon prix online store is at the forefront of the most popular Polish online stores. According to Gemius Megapanel PBI research, bonprix.pl in June 2006 recorded the most hits in the e-commerce industry.

Attention! The Bon Prix partner program does not allow advertising on domains other than those registered in the program. Publishers who do not follow this rule will be removed from the program.

Умови просування програми

Allowed traffic types:
-Text links
-Social Media (preferred bloggers and fashion fanpages)

Not allowed:
-Promoting pages with keywords connected to the bonprix brand
-Facebook ads

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