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Affiliate program Bancovo - PL

Bancovo offers directly from banks and loan companies, cash even in 15 minutes! Commission: grant a loan

Rate 2,46% - 3,69%

Type CPS

Description of the Bancovo - PL Affiliate Program

Commission table:
2.46% cash loan
3.69% non-bank loan
57.40% Bancovo commission on offline sales! The following are not subject to settlement:
• Duble - it is a positive decision generated on the same PESEL number within a month.
• Loans / credits repaid by the borrower
• Loans / credits repaid by the borrower in full before the maturity date of the 4th (say: fourth) installment of the loan / credit in accordance with the loan / credit schedule,
• Loans / credits from which the borrower has successfully withdrawn.

Terms of program promotion

- Google actions for brand-related phrases are prohibited
- No search engine (SEM) and Facebook promo activities
- All leads must be completed by the data subject - it is forbidden to enter data on the forms on behalf of those interested by third parties.
- It is forbidden to use the mechanisms of automatic copying and pasting of data on the advertiser's form - e.g. by collecting data on own forms and copying them to the advertiser's form
-All leads must be preceded by a conscious click on advertising material - it is forbidden to use poping mechanisms, user cookies without clicking on the advertisement, automatic redirect.
- It is forbidden to hide links and advertisements in a way that may lead to unintentional clicks by the user
- It is forbidden to use link shortening mechanisms

Category: Business , Loans , Short term loans , Long term loans , Credit , Mortgage credit , Cash credit , Business credit
Last update: 2023-09-08 15:09:35
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , Windows , iOS , Desktop , Mac , Windows , Linux , Tablet , iOS
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : n/a
Conversion type: Loan Approval , Credit Approval
CR : n/a
Deeplink: No
Banners Yes

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