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Affiliate program Surveoo - US

Promote the new Surveoo affiliate program .Commission:Single Opt-In, Completing the Survey.

Rate $2.14

Type CPL

Description of the Surveoo - US Affiliate Program

In order to promote a given campaign, the publisher should have experience in promoting surveys and regularly generate from 500 USD per month in MyLead!

Terms of program promotion

- GoogleAds Direct Traffic
- Adult / Adult content Sites
- Cashback & Rewards
- Chat & IM
- Co-Regs
- IFrame
- Frauds/bots
- Software programs who prefill forms on landings
- Toolbars who prefill forms on landings
- Not active traffic (zero activity after registration)
- Incent traffic

- Google Ads Indirect Traffic (Google Ads traffic like Comparison websites, Blogs, Top List, Surveys Review websites etc)
- Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads
- Contextual Ads
- Display Ads
- Paid Social (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads etc)
- Push Ads
- Pop-up/Pop-Under
- Native Ads
- In-App traffic
- Mobile Web traffic
- Organic Social
- Text Ads
- Icon Ads
- SMS traffic
- Email traffic

Category: Services , Online
Last update: 2023-09-13 10:01:39
Device type: Mobile devices , Android , iOS , Windows , Desktop , Mac , Windows , Linux , Tablet , iOS , Android , Windows
Traffic type: No Incent
EPC : n/a
Conversion type: Single Opt-In , Survey
CR : n/a
Deeplink: No
Banners No

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