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SMS Chat offer

In MyLead you can earn on sharing SMS CHAT services

Ikonka SMS Chat

SMS Chat


Rozmowa SMS Chat

This functionality allows you to earn from paid SMS conversations. The publisher receives a commission for each text message sent during a correspondence. Commission for SMS Chat is 0.60 PLN.

Zarabiaj na SMS Chat

make money on SMS Chat

How do it look in practice?

Tworzenie konfiguracji SMS Chat

Stage one

The publisher creates a SMS Chat configuration by creating selected SMS prefixes. A user of the MyLead service to promote SMS Chat can use the ready-made landing page.

Promowanie usługi SMS Czat

Stage two

The publisher promotes the erotic and esoteric service. The interview of the person interested is initiated using the prefix chosen by the publisher. For each SMS sent by the client during a conversation, the publisher receives a commission of 0.60 PLN. So if he sends only 20 messages, then the publisher gets up to 12.00 PLN per client.

Rozmowa z call center

Stage three

Our specially prepared call center is responsible for the contact with the end-user. Call center supports 2 conversation topics

  • Socializing SMS
  • Esoteric SMS (fortune-telling etc.)

Why is it worth to make money on SMS CHAT?

There are several reasons and they are worth paying attention to.

Dlaczego warto zarabiać?

Earning on SMS Chat in MyLead, you get a ready landing page for the promotion of the service. You don’t need to have your own website to make money on SMS Chat.

Dlaczego warto zarabiać?

The publisher chooses the prefix himself in one of two categories. Socializing SMS or Esoteric SMS. Each publisher can generate any number of prefixes.

Dlaczego warto zarabiać?

The only task of the publisher is to promote the SMS Chat service. Our specially prepared call center is responsible for the contact with the end-user.

Dlaczego warto zarabiać?

Two very popular conversation topics. Social SMS and Esoteric SMS.

Dlaczego warto zarabiać?

The promotion method is a great complement to people earning IVR (premium rate telephone calls).

What are you waiting for?

To earn money with MyLead affiliate programs you do not need to have any special skills or invest cash. You just have to create a free account!