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Making money online in five steps

Earning online in 5 steps

Anyone can make money online! See how easy it is

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We work with companies from around the globe. You can trust our global experience.

Use affiliate programs with a free MyLead account and trust the innovative affiliate network, appreciated by the largest industry portals in Poland and in the world. Gain with objectively the best. Monetize your website far more effectively, notice real profits and use affiliate marketing to earn money.

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Money withdrawn to MyLead publishers

We have already paid out 11 USD millions to our publishers

This is the amount MyLead has sent to publishers. We send money to 154 countries around the world.

MyLead offer is several hundred affiliate programs

In our offer, you will find
5022 affiliate programs

We guarantee that you will always find the perfect product to promote. You can count on the highest rates and quick validations.

Over 40,000 publishers earn in MyLead affiliate network

1071000 Earning publishers on MyLead

You can make money with MyLead for over 5 years now. We operate globally, and many new publishers join us every day.

Making money online in five steps

How to earn? Models available in MyLead

Affiliate programs are your way of earning online. How will you benefit from MyLead?


The CPL model offers a commission for customer acquisition. Usually, banks, loan brokers, telecommunications companies and any other corporations that provide various types of services are using this model. You get a previously agreed amount for each customer who is interested in the offer and will leave their contact details, or make them available for marketing purposes.


CPA (Cost Per Action) is the remuneration you receive after the client completes a particular action. It is a very broad model - it combines both, taking a loan and providing credit card details, making an investment deposit, and passing 100 levels in a mobile game. In CPA, the customer often incurs the cost of using the service, but this is not a rule. The advertiser always specifies the action. CPA programs have the highest rates of up to several thousand dollars for each client.


CPS is a commission model for purchases made by customers. Most often, online stores and auction platforms decide to choose this model, including the largest ones, such as Aliexpress. Your commission is usually defined as a certain percentage of the order value that has been placed. It is a perfect promotion model for all kinds of bloggers and portal owners who want to create high-quality content while earning on it. On MyLead, you will find over 300 CPS campaigns.


PPI (Pay Per Install) is the remuneration received after downloading the application by the customer. It can be a computer or mobile application as well as various types of software, for example, mobile games or optimization software. The rate usually depends on the device operating system and the client's country of origin. Installing the application is always free, and the program is safe for the client's device.


SMS is the remuneration for payment by mobile phone and premium rate text messages. MyLead supports both one-time SMS Premium payment and subscriptions, which are consent to receive regular, paid messages. We also have a set of unique landing pages - contest pages as well as those related to downloading files and videos.


IVR is the remuneration for a premium rate telephone connection made by a customer. In the IVR model, the publisher receives a commission for every minute of the call. A specially qualified call center is responsible for the contact with the client that can talk to consultants either about esoteric or social topics. The publisher's only task is to promote the service.


Chat SMS is the remuneration for each message sent by the customer at a premium rate. Unlike SMS, this message is not sent to receive an access code, but it is a type of conversation with a call center from a mobile phone. More messages sent by the customer mean higher commission for the publisher. A specially qualified call center is responsible for contact with the client, hence the publisher's only task is to promote the service. Conversations in the IVR model can relate to esoteric or social topics.


MyLead operates all over the world. We offer smartlinks - a combination of a large number of partner programs within one campaign. This means that you can promote smartlinks everywhere, and the customer will always be redirected to the portal available in the local language. Smartlink automatically recognizes the customer's country and device and selects the right portal. With that, you can easily use the full potential of your advertising traffic.

The best affiliate campaigns

If you have access to the most effective campaigns, making money online is a sheer pleasure.

Affiliate programs are the most important. After all, you are going to earn with them. In MyLead, you will find over 3000 affiliate programs that are distinguished by high rates and an efficiency that surprises. If whenever you find a campaign that is unavailable in MyLead, then we will arrange it especially for you!

The best affiliate campaigns
# Name Preview Location Model Rate
Sex Dating - Smartlink VI - Best Dating Offer
Dating, Adult Dating, Mainstream Dating
Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Province of China, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Austria
$0.3 - 6.8
Aliexpress Global
Fashion, Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and additions, Accessories, Jewelry, Presents, Health and Beauty, Cosmetics, House and Garden, For children, Household items, Home decoration, Appliances and Electronics, Hardware, Telephones and accessories, Audio and video, Household goods
0,56% - 51,75%

They talk about us

Many people talk about MyLead affiliate network

Many online creators express their opinion on MyLead and talk about us on the Internet. At the same time, they often use MyLead for their profit and are our publishers - they have their accounts in MyLead affiliate network. We are also happy to participate in mentoring and teaching a wider audience about how to generate money without leaving home. According to these creators, earning online is certainly possible, but to find out, you have to check for yourself!

Anyone can make money online

Everyone is satisfied

You will give joy to many people


By becoming our publisher, a smile will appear on your face with every dollar that shows up on your account. You must remember, however, that appetite comes with eating. The advertiser will reward you generously for each acquired customer and the new order that has appeared thanks to you. We have publishers who make enough money in MyLead to support themselves and their families.


The advertiser is in a good position as they pay for achieved effects and not just for entering their website. The company is growing thanks to you and has more users and customers who gladly purchase new products. The advertiser does not waste money on standard advertising because you provide them with high-quality traffic. That is exactly what you get the commission for.


Customers are satisfied because they have received the product or service exactly as they expected. They did not have to look for it - thanks to you they received it right under their nose. They comfortably watched their favorite movies, ordered the discounted items, won a valuable voucher to a well-known store, or downloaded a mobile application which will make their trip more pleasant. That's all because of you.

Are you a professional? That is perfect!

Join MyLead affiliate network and earn as a professional. Use many options available to advanced users, generate extensive reports to analyze your results in detail, and enjoy the highest possible profit. Use features like deeplinks, product feed, API, or postback and enter an entirely new level of earning via the Internet. Even if you are just starting to make money online, MyLead is a great place to do it. We have prepared a beginner training that explains all the necessary issues to generate profit without leaving home.

You can use the MyLead offer in the offer trackers:

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MyLead affiliate network - the industry leader

You already know a lot about MyLead, but we would like to tell you more about ourselves. We own attributes that we believe will convince you to join us at this moment. Remember that in case of any doubts, you can always use live chat and connect with the MyLead team. The chat icon can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. We are at your disposal at any time.

The versatility of the affiliate network lies in the great availability of the campaign


MyLead is an affiliate network providing over 3,000 partner programs in several dozen categories. As the only affiliate network in Poland, we provide up to 9 models of earnings. We support all devices and operating systems. This means that regardless of what you expect and what you intend to promote, you will definitely find it on MyLead. MyLead affiliate network is a huge, but extremely intuitive place to earn money.

Innovation. Individual approach to training new publishers


Constantly developed mobile applications for Android and iOS, a blog, a built-in forum, a Discord server and a group on Telegram, a special knowledge transfer system and a unique system of bonuses increasing your profit - we have built a place where you will find everything you need.



At your disposal is an easy-to-read publisher's panel in which you will find all necessary information. You can also use a practical statistics system. Time is money. You can count on our team who is at your disposal 24/7 and will help you at any time. The same applies to IT specialists who continuously care about the uninterrupted operation of all our features.



We are open to every new user - we will gladly accept both professionals and beginners. To professionals, we can guarantee everything necessary in their work, and beginners can count on the help of our mentors and step-by-step support. Additionally, MyLead works all over the world, so wherever you are, you can earn with us.



We have been operating in the affiliate industry for over 7 years. During this time, we have built a strong online position. We work with partners on almost all continents, and we have over 400,000 publishers all over the world. Until now, we have paid them the equivalent of USD 11 million. You can trust us.



We have won many awards, including the elite "Rising Star" at Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe. We often win first places in industry competitions - we have been awarded by the largest Internet earning portals, including,, and We have achieved them primarily due to our publishers - join them today.

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We share our experience and knowledge about affiliate programs and making money online

Welcome to MyLead, an affiliate network that lets you and hundreds of thousands of people earn money without the need of leaving home. Right now, about half a milion satisfied people from all over the world are collaborating with MyLead. Become one of them, too!

The best global affiliate programs

Promoting affiliate programs is simple and doesn’t require any financial resources. Since affiliate marketing is just about to peak its popularity, we’ll explain you how to do it.

Earning with affiliation is becoming the most chosen option among those who just want to make profit online. No investment needed, only a little bit of time for doing research, and Internet connection, obviously.

Those who are willing to work with an affiliate networks are called publishers. Publisher’s job is to promote chosen campaigns in any possible way they can think of. The opportunities are limitless, just like your imagination! MyLead offers about 2000 campaigns from over 15 categories so that everyone will have something they feel comfortable in sharing and promoting and the prospect of finding the perfect target audience is as high as possible.

It’s worth trying each of the models out to get to know the system behind them and learn which one will suit your needs the best.

How can you earn with affiliation on MyLead?

Again, the possibilities are limitless. You can promote your chosen affiliate programs on any website you can think of. It can be your blog, fanpages on social media platforms or dedicated forums. You can create posts with explanation or storytelling, why you promote chosen products or services, or simply put your personalized links, wherever you want.

How can you earn with affiliation on MyLead? Again, the possibilities are limitless. You can promote your chosen affiliate programs on any website you can think of. It can be your blog, fanpages on social media platforms or dedicated forums. You can create posts with explanation or storytelling, why you promote chosen products or services, or simply put your personalized links, wherever you want.

MyLead offers many helping hands for their publishers. Besides tutorials and videos on our YouTube channel, we’ve created various tools for making earning with affiliation even easier and more profitable. Have you ever heard about content lockers? The name it’s quite self-explanatory. It’s a tool that “locks” content on your website (e.g. wordpress blog) and requires your visitor to complete an action in order to get an access to the rest of it. We have worked on creating a perfect content locker personalization system. You should try it out, after you register for free on MyLead.

Besides that, we can help you anytime you want. Our team members are always ready to talk to you and give you a helping hand, whenever you need one.

What’s the conclusion? There’s no cons when it comes to earning with affiliate marketing. Signing in and the whole collaboration process is free and it’s an interesting branch of e-marketing that can become useful in your daily life.

Become one of our satisfied publishers, too! Share your progress and thoughts about your work with us or keep focusing on earning money with affiliate marketing on MyLead. Everyone is welcome here!

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