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Programa de afiliados AION - Tier 4

Aion is not only fighting monsters, players and completing quests, but also several additional professions. Commission: registration + playing

Tarifa $0.66 - 42.23

Tipo CPA | PPI

Description of the AION - Tier 4 Affiliate Program

The game is set in a mystical fantasy world called Atreia, which as a result of the disaster divided into zones inhabited by two factions. Part of the world remained bathed in the sun - it belongs to people who call themselves Elyos, who represent positive and enlightened values, although they are ruthless to enemies. The remaining part of Atreia is populated by representatives of the Asmodians, a distrustful and menacing faction of people living among vast, ice-bound territories. Both regions are separated by Abbys, where the Tower of Eternity was once located. Currently, Abyss has become the main battlefield between the two factions at odds.

RR (retention rate): we expect RR 1 day not to be less than 10%. This means that at least 10% of logged in users must enter the game the next day.

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

-Google Play / Appstore
-Pages for adults
-Contextual advertising with the brand

Categoría: Entretenimiento , Juegos , Juegos de cliente
Última actualización: 2020-04-07 11:53:16
Tipo de dispositivo: Escritorio , Windows
Tipo de tráfico: Tráfico motivado no permitido
EPC : b/d
Tipo de conversión: Instalación , Creación y activación de cuenta , Finalización de la tarea
CR : b/d
Deeplink: No
Banners No