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Programa de afiliados BIK Raport

Earn money by promoting a service that allows you to check your creditworthiness. Commission: registration and account activation

Tarifa $2.74 - 4.11

Tipo CPA

Description of the BIK Raport Affiliate Program

BIK Group is a Credit Information Office operating in Poland. It collects the necessary data on financial obligations performed by enterprises and individuals. Thanks to the information they provide, commercial banks and other financial units can quickly check how payments between participants are handled.

BIK Report is a comprehensive service that allows private and corporate entities to check their credit history and examine the path of their receivables and liabilities. BIK Report will also help to investigate the reasons for rejecting a credit application and better prepare for the next cooperation.

Affiliate program BIK Report is related to the promotion of the advisory service in Polish. The solution is carried out in the CPA model.

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Condiciones de la promoción de programa

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