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Programa de afiliados Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey

Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey is a free-to-play browser game where players can create their own wizard and fight alongside wizards from the Fairy Tail guild
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Descripción del Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey Programa de Afiliado

If you’re an otaku, you’ve probably heard of Fairy Tail. The anime series has quickly made its name, garnering a massive fanbase. GameSamba took the opportunity to create an exciting, free-to-play browser game based on the show. This turn-based RPG thriller covers the story of the Grand Magic Games Arc where you take on a wizard role and fight alongside the Fairy Tail guild members. Get ready to embark upon an adventure-packed journey to recover your past. This game is already the talk of the town in the anime community.

You should join the Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey affiliate program if your audience enjoys a turn-based role-playing game (RPG). It's a place where players will take on the role of a wizard fighting alongside members of the Fairy Tail guild in an attempt to recover their past. By promoting the Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey affiliate program you will allow players to befriend and fight alongside characters from Fairy Tail, create a guild, and more. And that's a perfect game for a true anime fan!
Here’s where you swoop in and earn some money for yourself – join the Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey Affiliate Program and get the word out! By promoting the Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey affiliate program, you will earn $0.89 for each created account. Join today!

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