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Programa de afiliados ING Bank Śląski - Konto Mubi - PL

Join the new ING Bank Śląski affiliate program. Commission: account opening

Tarifa $18.37

Tipo CPA

Descripción del ING Bank Śląski - Konto Mubi - PL Programa de Afiliado

The Mobi account is for you if you are under 26 and you do most of the things by phone: PLN 0 for account maintenance, 0 PLN for a Contactless Visa payment card that can be connected to a foreign currency account in the Moje ING application, 0 PLN for withdrawals with BLIK codes from ATMs all over Poland (by phone), 0 PLN for transfers to the phone in the Moje ING application - you can send and receive transfers every day of the week, - 0 PLN for an unlimited number of transfers between a savings account and a personal account - with one click in the Moje ING application, 0 PLN for domestic transfers in PLN that you make via the Internet, - 0 PLN for deposits with BLIK codes in CDMs - from 10 PLN (by phone).
18,77$ will be awarded for a correct application, provided that the contract is signed within one month of sending the form. This applies only to new customers of the Bank (i.e. those who have not had any of the Bank's products before, including power of attorney).

Condiciones de la promoción de programa


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