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Programa de afiliados Millenium Bank - Konto 360°

A 360º Bank Millennium account gives the Customer the opportunity to save on many fees.
Commission: application, account opening, 1 card payment within a month + account replenishment 1000 PLN within 2 months

Tarifa 14.38 $ | 9.25 $

Tipo CPA

Description of the Millenium Bank - Konto 360° Affiliate Program

The following are free of charge: account and card maintenance (with PLN 1000 and one non-cash debit card payment), internet transfers and withdrawals from ATMs in Poland and abroad, and additionally medical and technical assistance. In order for the application to be accepted by the Bank, the Client must be a new Client of the Bank.

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

-Pop-up / pop under

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