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Programa de afiliados MoneyVeo

Promote MoneyVeo - instant online loans. Commission: granting a loan.

Tarifa $3.64 - 19.45

Tipo CPA

Description of the MoneyVeo Affiliate Program

MoneyVeo is a service thanks to which Ukrainians solve their financial issues “here and now”. The main task is to provide quick financial assistance without personal visits to offices and long waits.

To fill out an application for a loan in MoneyVeo needs only access to the Internet and customer data, and to receive funds - a bank card to which money will be credited. Applications are accepted 24/7.

Thanks to customer-oriented and proprietary technological developments, MoneyVeo has maintained its leadership in its category for over 4 years.

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

Web site
Mobile traffic
Context AD
Teaser/banner AD
Social networks: targeted AD
Social networks: publics, games, applications

Incent traffic
Brand Context AD
Email marketing

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