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Programa de afiliados Ryanair - voucher 2000 zł

Promote effective campaign with the possibility of winning Ryanair voucher! Commission: Complete the survey.

Tarifa $0.78

Tipo CPL

Descripción del Ryanair - voucher 2000 zł Programa de Afiliado

Ryanair is a world-renowned airline established in Dublin, Ireland. The carrier is very popular in Europe (it is the largest and most important aviation company in this part of the continent) and occupies a leading position among global carriers. Ryanair has over 400 aircraft at its disposal (mainly Boeing 737-800). The company was founded in 1985 on behalf of Toby Ryan (from whom the name of the airline was derived).

Currently, the company is used by over 80 million passengers from 25 countries.

Ryanair affiliate voucher program consists of promoting a voucher for the company's services in Poland. Type of affiliate model - CPL.

Condiciones de la promoción de programa

Forbidden promotion methods:
-Incentive traffic
-Users below 18 years old
-Fake leads

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