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Programa de afiliados Tez Tour

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Descripción del Tez Tour Programa de Afiliado

Tez Tour is a renowned international touring company that organizes amazing tours for people from Russia and countries of the CIS region. Known as Latvia’s largest tour operator, Tez Tour has associations with over 150 tourism agencies. They offer a range of quality services and travel resources to make the experience all the more convenient and enjoyable. From organizing holidays to hosting special tour groups, Tez Tour has made its name as a highly reliable travel agency. They offer affiliates an exciting opportunity to earn big from home by joining the Tez Tour Affiliate Program. So, don’t miss out!

Today Tez Tour offers a wide range of packaged tours to Austria, Andorra, Belarus, Bulgari, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Egypt, Spain, Italy, China, Cyprus, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Mexica, UAE, Portugal, Russia, Seychelles, Portugal, Russia, Seychelles, Thailand, Turkey, France, Chezh Republic, Sri Lanka, Estonia.

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Condiciones de la promoción de programa

- Brand bidding
- Doorways
- PopUp / ClickUnder
- Toolbar
- Retargeting
- Incentive traffic
- Creating public groups on behalf of the advertiser's company

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